Freeing body, heart and mind: A Meditation and Breathwork retreat

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Freeing body, heart and mind: A Meditation and Breathwork retreat
With Martin Aylward and Alsu Kashapova

August 12 – 17, 2024

Insight meditation and breathwork are profoundly complementary ways of meeting, exploring and transforming our experience. Through the steadiness and clarity of meditation and the potency of intentional breathing, you’ll discover ways to more fully meet, explore and transform your experience.

Silent and guided meditation will support integrating awareness and inquiry into all moments and activities of life. With conscious breathwork you’ll awaken energy flow, clearing unprocessed emotions and memories.

Martin and Alsu’s respective skill, each with years of experience teaching many thousands of students, will intertwine the two practices in this unique retreat, and you will learn deeply how to reveal, care for, and transform your hidden layers of experience, opening up your innate potential for love and ease, joy and wisdom; for living freely amidst the complexities of the world.


Alsu Kashapova is a Holistic Transformational Therapist,  trained in a range of healing modalities: Compassionate Inquiry, Rebirthing, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, Pranayama and Sound Healing. She has spoken at TEDx and international conferences, and she facilitates both group and individual sessions.

Alsu has trained with leading figures such as Dr Gabor Maté, Marisa Peer, Leonard Orr. Her work seeks to integrate healing across every aspect of people’s lives and being: through the body, mind, emotions and soul—one breath at a time.



12/08/2024 - 17/08/2024 (All Day)(GMT+02:00)