Here’s wishing you well in these troubled times, even amidst a world rocked by the unfolding drama of Coronivirus; one that has pasted over the various other dramas of our political, ecological and social crises that have become the new normal. It is in these times when we especially need love and wisdom. Love wishes all beings endless health and happiness; wisdom sees that health is fragile and happiness fleeting, that we’re all going to die, and we don’t know when. And right amidst this seeming contradiction, we find a wise and loving response, moment by moment.

While so many of us are confined to home or living in reduced circumstances, unable to travel or be with loved ones, I will still be offering a few retreats online (more information to come). I will be leading the retreats and be on hand for guidance and support, offering a space for you to take the time for the depth and potency of self-directed practice.

Regarding concerns about the virus, we’ll be following the recommended health precautions – hand washing, social distancing and only going out when necessary.

Amidst life’s uncertainties, I offer you the wish that your practice be a profound support in living fluidly, loving fully, and whenever the moment comes, dying freely.

With love,