We’re delighted to introduce you to our next course with our guiding teacher and co-founder, Martin Aylward. “Wide Open and Free: Exploring the Breadth and Depth of Liberation” begins April 30th and runs until June 9th.

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It’s not often we get a chance to explore the deepest themes of our human experience, and by using our contemplative practices we can encounter an opening up of these experiences, which can be truly transformational.

During this course, Martin encourages us to look into aspects of our practice and our experiences which aren’t often explored in mainstream dharma literature or retreat practice.

What happens when our reliance on particular and familiar reference points, which we use to define our normal sense of ourselves and the world around us, begin to loosen and become less rigid?

Wide Open and Free invites us to deeply explore how our relationship with reality fundamentally changes when our practice allows our hearts and minds to create an almost infinite spaciousness which is very liberating.

Martin will be offering teachings, meditations, reflections and exercises which open up all these areas and which are designed to deepen our relationships to these liberating insights.

We hope you can join us, as we practice together!

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