Martin and his dear friend and long-term teaching colleague Mark Coleman are getting ready for the 2022-2023 US in-person teacher training, to be held in the San Francisco Bay area, beginning September 2022.

You’ll find all the details are on the website, but here are 3 things to know:

1. – It’s a really good training! A powerful way to deepen your own practice and understanding, while training with a close group of other dedicated students, and studying with Martin and Mark, learning from their decades of teaching experience.

2. – More than 250 people have trained with us and are now teaching mindfulness in more than 25 countries. Our training is broad and flexible, supporting you to teach a variety of programs rather than a single format, and emphasising important differences in teaching different populations.

3. – There are just a handful of places left in the US 2022 Mindfulness Teacher Training. If you’re interested in training with us, and bringing the practice you love into your work and the life you live, you can read more, and apply, here: