NYI: Contemplating Death to Liberate Your Life with Martin Aylward (a 3-hour class)


We all know we going to die. Death is always in the air, the only certainty awaiting our fragile, precious, fleeting lives.

Dharma practice shows us how to lean into this stark truth – meeting and embracing our dying nature so as to live more fully and freely. Our collective awareness of and exposure to death is increasingly highlighted through the COVID pandemic, the threat of ecological collapse, and the recognition of how not all lives are equally valued.

In this recording you can join Martin as he explores potent practices and liberating teachings for living fully and dying freely.

€25 Supported: This lower rate is gladly offered for those who need it
€49  Standard: Standard cost for this program
€108 Benefactor: If you want to support Martin and his work, and New York Insight who sponsored and hosted this program