Breath and Death: A profound practice guide to Anapanasati (Awareness of Breathing) – a 5-day retreat


A 5-day retreat (15 recordings with over 22 hours of instruction)

The Anapanasati sutta is the primary Buddhist text for breath meditation, exploring in great depth and detail an ever more subtle exploration of human explerience, all through awareness in the breath.

In this series of instructions and talks, Martin leads you through all four tetrads of this subtle, profound and powerful meditation practice. He brings his 30 years of this practice to explaining the 16 facets of Anapanasati in a way that is profound yet accessible, simple to follow yet infinite in its scope.

Originally taught live online to a group of 120 students, the series progressively guides you through a deepening process of using breath meditation to:

• Deepen in steady, relaxed, embodied awareness
• Discover and dissolve subtle layers of habitual tension and emotional holding
• Enter into realms of bliss, contentment, peace and vastness
• Explore the jhanic factors of absorption
• Taste the visceral quality of letting go, as experience becomes lighter, more fluid and transparent
• Understand realms of experience free from time and space

This series can be followed intensively over a week as a meditation retreat, or progressively integrated into a daily practice.

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