EU Mindfulness Teacher Training, 2023-2024
LATEST NEWS, 08/02/2023

Would you like to deepen your practice, train with me for a year, and teach others to meditate?

My dear friend and long-term teaching colleague Mark Coleman and I are preparing our 11th consecutive year-long Certified Mindfulness Teacher training. It will be held in France again at the Moulin, taught in ENGLISH and FRENCH, with 4 in-person modules through the year and online tutorials and support in-between.

There are 3 things that are particularly special about this training:

1. – It’s really good! We’ve refined the content over many years, and the training is intimate, experiential and personally transformative. A powerful way to deepen your practice and understanding, while training with other dedicated students, and studying closely with Mark and me, learning from our decades of teaching experience.

2. – Our training supports you to teach a variety of different programs rather than a single format, developing your own teaching voice, style and format. You’ll join our 300+ graduates, who already teach mindfulness in more than 30 countries, with a wide variety of settings and populations.

3. – Places are filling up quickly, and the 2023-2024 European training will probably not happen again until 2026. SO… To bring the practice you love into your work and the life you live, find out more and apply here:



I’d love you to be part of this new training group.