I’m delighted to announce that the audio version of my book, Awake Where You Are, is now available on Audible and iTunes! The book is read by me, as I point to an embodied and awakened life.

I explore various rich and provocative areas of life. We look at sex and love and relationships, at emotional complexity and work and the craziness and beauty of the world, and all the ways we tangle ourselves in knots of our own making. And… I describe how to untie those knots, using various creative skillful means for a fearless, free life.

The book is designed to feel as if I’m speaking to you — which is exactly what I’m doing in the audio version! I recall various episodes and anecdotes from my life, where I struggled, and where I dropped the struggle.

It points to our primal human drives and how we can engage their energy to explore and liberate them. I guide you through some of the tender territory of your psychological history and conditioning. And, we uncover various nuances of love and how they become the natural resting places of a free heart.

Listen to Awake Where You Are on Audible, or on iTunes! Paper copies, e-versions and the audio book are also available of course at the dreadful tax-dodging but annoyingly convenient and ubiquitous Amazon.