So many of you would have been with us this summer at the moulin, but have had to cancel due to travel restrictions. And we have to keep retreat numbers small to maintain distance in the meditation hall. But here’s the good news: Our two summer retreats in July will be live-streamed! We can bring the Moulin meditation hall atmosphere to your computer, and bring you teachings, practice instructions and teachers meetings in both English or French.

Many of you have already been sitting with Martin in the mornings at and during his last online retreat a few weeks ago. Following a retreat at home offers a powerful way to benefit from the support of teachings and the group atmosphere, while also integrating your practice into your home life. Come and join us.

Martin and Gail will lead their Yoga and Meditation retreat, July 13-18. Teachings and Instructions will be given in English, and with the miracle of Zoom and our wonderful translator Ines Aguas, there will be simultaneous translation into French. You can follow in either language and even switch between the two. Book at: Yoga and Meditation retreat.

July 20-26, Martin’s retreat More Fully Human will also be live-streamed in the same way, also with Martin teaching directly in English, and Ines translating simultaneously into French. Martin will be supported by Wiebke Pausch and Karla Gouyou-Beauchamps who will also be available to meet with online participants during the week.

Both retreats have a registration fee of just €100 which offers an invaluable support to the Moulin Association, which has lost 75% of its revenue this year. The teachings are offered freely with Dana invited to support the teachers and translator.